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Borzoi – a dog breed that has been around since the 17th century; also known as Russian Wolf Hound – called Borzaya in Russian

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National Borzoi Club

Borzoi versus Other Breeds

Borzoi vs Saluki

Upon first glance, the Borzoi vs Saluki seems very similar. After all, they’re both sighthounds with similar body structures. 

Borzoi vs Wolf

Borzoi are similar in size to wolves, but these two canines look much different. Wolves have a sturdier build, while Borzois have the slim frames of a sprinter.

Borzoi vs Greyhound

Borzoi and Greyhound are two very similar breeds. They’re both sighthounds with long legs, deep chests, and long snouts. They also behave very similarly!

For hundreds of years, Borzoi were so prized that they could not be purchased. They could only be gifted by the Russian Tsar.


More About Borzoi

Borzoi puppies with their mother

Borzoi Puppies

If you are considering adopting one of these unique and stunning dogs, then it is important that they receive the utmost care and attention. In return, you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion.

Borzoi Dog Side View  Long white coat-b lack ear marks on back.  What Does a Borzoi Dog Look Like?

What Does a Borzoi Dog Look Like?

Borzoi is in the sighthound family. Some may think of them as a long-haired, Greyhound-looking dog. Although they do have other differences, this description is mostly accurate!

What Head of Borzoi Dog Looking at camera with mouth open

Borzoi Breeders In The United States

Since the Borzoi is a highly sought after yet relatively rare breed of dog, finding a breeder can be tricky. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all Borzoi breeders in the US by state.

Borzoi Love Bully Beds!

Borzois Love Bully Beds! We know this from personal experience. Large or ageing dogs love these beds! Borzois are giant dogs, and it is so great that Bully Beds makes beds exclusively for large dogs. Get your Borzoi Bed from the large dog bed experts at Bully Beds.

This is my 11 year old best friend Winston in his Bully Bed:

Bully Beds for large and old dogs
Winston feels a bit younger than his 11 years when he rests in his Bully Bed!

Borzoi Breeders In the United States

Borzoi Breeders In the United Kingdom

Please note that not all breeders will be accepting applications at all times and there may be a considerable waiting list for those that currently are.