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All about the Borzoodle – a Borzoi Poodle Mix

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Borzoodle - a Borzoi Poodle Mix, Borzoodle are Child and other Pet Friendly
Elegant Borzoodle

The borzoodle is a relatively new breed that’s still being perfected. Borzoi are known for their grace, poise and regal appearance while Poodles are associated with intelligence, humor and playfulness. Mix these two breeds together to get a dog that can be affectionate to everyone in the family, especially children because of his gentle nature. He’s a great watchdog, though he’ll scare away an intruder with a single bark rather than go after the felon as is the case with many guard dogs.

The borzoodle has an average height of about 18 inches and weighs between 35 to 65 pounds, making him a medium-sized dog that can adapt to apartment living if he’s sufficiently exercised. You can expect him to live between 12 and 15 years, though the oldest recorded borzoodle was 19 years old.

Borzoodle Care

The borzoodle doesn’t shed much, but he does require weekly brushing to keep his coat shiny and tangle-free. He’s an average swimmer because of his Poodle genes. He’ll need to be groomed at least twice a week, with extra time taken during spring and fall when he sheds more than normal.

Borzoodle are Child and other Pet Friendly

Borzoodle running in the yard, sensitive animal who doesn't respond well to harsh training methods
Borzoodle running and playing

Borzois are Russian wolfhounds that make good family pets because of their protective instincts. Poodles were originally bred as circus performers, and they’ve retained their agility and athleticism even in old age. Mix these two breeds together to get a high-maintenance dog who’s not always eager to please his master.

The borzoodle is an excellent family pet because of his adaptable personality and gentle nature with children. He gets along fine with other pets in the household if they are introduced when he’s a puppy and doesn’t see them as a threat to his territory.

Where to Get a Borzoodle

There are a limited number of Borzoodle breeders.  On our breeders’ pages, you will note that in the state of Kentucky, Deer Creek Labradoodles has boorzoodles.

Training your Borzoodle

Borzoodle in Field of Flowers, it requires a lot of time to keep his coat healthy and tangle-free
Borzoodle in Field of Flowers

The borzoodle is an intelligent dog that’s easy to train if you start early enough and work on reinforcing the rules consistently. The breed is eager to please you, but only if you provide him with positive reinforcement.  Because he’s a sensitive animal who doesn’t respond well to harsh training methods, it’s essential that you establish yourself as the alpha in the household.

Borzoodle Summary

Borzoodle Running at full Speed, he'll be obedient if you're consistent with your training method
Borzoodle Running at Full Speed

The borzoodle requires a lot of time and effort in order to keep his coat healthy and tangle-free. You’ll need to brush it regularly, especially if he’s going to be an inside dog who doesn’t get much opportunity to swim or run loose in the yard. He needs a regimen of haircuts every month, or he’ll grow hair that tangles easily, making him uncomfortable.

The borzoodle is eager to please you, but he can be stubborn at times because of his independent streak. He’ll only be obedient if you’re consistent with your training methods and positive reinforcement.

The borzoodle is a relatively new breed, so it’s hard to predict his potential. He’s probably going to be medium-sized and agile because of the Poodle genes he inherited from the sire, but you can’t assume anything about his temperament or overall appearance until after he’s born.

The borzoodle makes a good pet if you have the time and patience required to train him properly. He’ll never be as well-mannered as some other breeds like the Yorkshire terrier, but he’ll make up for his mistakes with loyalty and affection.

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