Are borzoi Hypoallergenic

Are Borzoi Hypoallergenic?

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Considering welcoming a Borzoi into your life, but worried about potential allergies? You’re not alone as many people grapple with pet allergies. This blog post dives deep into the subject of whether or not Borzois are hypoallergenic, shedding light on their unique breed characteristics and allergenic potential.

Stick around to discover if this elegant Russian Wolfhound is ultimately a good match for those with sensitivities!

Key Takeaways

  • Borzoi dogs are not hypoallergenic.
  • They have long, silky coats that shed and may cause allergies.
  • Regular grooming can help reduce shedding and dander.
  • Making changes in your home can control allergies better.

Understanding Hypoallergenic Dogs

People are typically allergic to dogs due to proteins found in a dog’s skin cells, urine, and saliva. When sensitive individuals come into contact with these proteins, their immune system overreacts, leading to allergic symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and watery eyes. The severity and type of reactions can vary among individuals.

Hypoallergenic dogs are special. They don’t cause allergies as much as other breeds. People with sensitivity to pet dander, saliva, or urine can live with these dogs without many problems.

However, no dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic.

Dog hairs and skin cells spread the protein that causes most of the allergic reactions in people. These small parts fall off the dog’s body and float in the air at home or stick to furniture. The loss of hair is called shedding. The particulates are called ‘dander’.

Hypoallergenic dogs do not shed their hair as much so there is less dander around them that could make you sneeze or itch.

An Overview of Borzoi Breed

Borzois, also known as Russian Wolfhounds, are a majestic breed with historical roots stretching back hundreds of years to Tsarist Russia. Perfectly suited for hunting in the rugged and cold terrain, these sighthounds are larger than many of their cousins like the Italian Greyhound or Whippet.

They are distinguished by their long, slender bodies and an equally elongated head and nose, giving them a unique appearance that evokes elegance and grace. (Their long nose has also been the subject of many memes) Their coats are silky to touch, come in many colors, but demand diligent grooming due to their propensity for shedding and maintaining coat health.

Despite not bearing the hypoallergenic label often sought after by allergy sufferers, some people may find they can tolerate Borzois better than other breeds – yet it remains essential for prospective owners to spend time around borzois prior to adoption or purchase if prone to allergies.

Despite the shedding, borzois are loved as pets. They are Immensely loyal yet independent-minded creatures—they carry a calm demeanor unless provoked.

Are Borzoi Hypoallergenic

Shedding and Dander in Borzois

Borzois have long, silky coats. They shed a lot. This can happen all year round but it’s more at certain times of the year. This coat makes them look beautiful but also produces dander.

Dander is small skin bits that fall off when dogs scratch, shake or lick themselves.

People with allergies react to this dander from Borzois. Their bodies think it is something bad and try to fight it off making them get an allergic reaction. Borzoi fur needs regular grooming to stay clean and healthy which reduces the amount of dander they produce and helps control shedding.

The Question: Are Borzois Hypoallergenic?

Borzois are not hypoallergenic. They have long, silky coats that shed a fair amount. This shedding leads to a lot of dander in your home. Dander can make people who are sensitive to it feel sick.
However, some folks with allergies find they don’t react as strongly to Borzois as other breeds. Everyone’s body acts different ways to different dogs and their dander.
Managing an allergy is often about how bad the reaction is for each person. You should know your sensitivity level before you get a Borzoi or any dog.

Common Allergies Associated with Borzois

Borzois can cause specific allergy symptoms in some people. Here’s a list of common allergies linked with this breed:

  1. People may sneeze a lot after being around Borzois.
  2. Some will have itchy and watery eyes.
  3. Many have problems with their skin, like redness or rashes.
  4. A few might feel tightness in their chest and have trouble breathing.
  5. Some people may start to cough a lot after spending time with a Borzoi.
  6. It’s not rare for someone to get a runny nose from this breed.
  7. Certain folks could have an asthma attack if they are around these dogs for too long.

Coping with Allergies to Borzois

Navigating allergies to borzois can be a challenge, but with proper strategies like medications, allergy shots and making certain adjustments at home, it becomes manageable. Dive in to find out more about effectively dealing with Borzoi allergies. Always consult with your family doctor for specific treatment of your allergies.


Your doctor might give you pills called antihistamines for dog allergies. These pills can help stop nose itch, sneezes and water eyes. They are safe to take daily.

Decongestants are another type of pill your doctor might give you. These work fast to clear a stuffy nose that comes from dog allergies. Both types of medications help with allergy symptoms and make you feel better.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots help fight the allergies you may have to Borzois. These are a form of treatment known as immunotherapy. The shots slowly lessen the body’s reaction to dog dander by making it less sensitive over time.

This makes living with a Borzoi much easier for those who suffer from allergies. With these shots, people can enjoy having dogs around without worrying about allergic reactions!

Home Environment Adjustments

Adjusting your home can help you cope with dog allergies. Here are some changes you can make:

  1. Make sure to clean your house often. Weekly vacuuming helps limit dander.
  2. Get an air purifier. Those with HEPA filters work very well.
  3. Keep carpets and rugs to a minimum. Dog dander sticks to them more than to hardwood or tile.
  4. Limit fabric in the home. Dander also likes to cling on curtains, pillows and blankets.
  5. Have an allergen – free place in your house which could be your bedroom where the Borzoi is not allowed in.
  6. Bathe your Borzoi regularly for coat health and cleanliness.
  7. Clean and change bed sheets frequently.
  8. Use De-Shedding Brushes & Tools, Dog Hair vacuums, De-Shedding Shampoos and other dog grooming requirements for a neat home environment.
  9. Give dog Foods that come with shedding benefits if possible, sometimes diet has effect on shedding too.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Borzoi

Are Borzoi Hypoallergenic

If you’re contemplating adopting a Borzoi, it’s essential to consider your personal allergy sensitivity levels, the specific characteristics of the breed and their subsequent maintenance and care requirements.

Personal Allergy Sensitivity

How you react to a Borzoi will depend on your own allergy levels. Some are more sensitive than others. If dog dander makes you sneeze and itch, petting a Borzoi may make it worse. Not sure about your sensitivity level? An allergy doctor can test you.

Avoiding allergies is better than fighting them off later. Spend time with a Borzoi before you decide to get one. This way, you can see how your body reacts to the breed’s hair and skin oils.

It’s always good to know where we stand when it comes to allergies!

Breed Characteristics

Borzois are large dogs. Their silky long hair makes them look a lot like a long haired fluffy greyhound. They are classy and gentle, making good pets for families and single owners alike. Shedding is common in this dog breed but the amount can change with the seasons.

Borzois have double-coats that come in an array of colors like black, cream, gold, red, sable or white. Despite their size and coat length, they do not shed as much as other breeds do which lessens allergen exposure to some degree.

All these traits make them stand out among all other dog breeds.

Maintenance and Care

Borzois need regular care to stay healthy. Their long, silky coats can shed a lot. This is why they need grooming often. Use brushes and tools that remove loose hair from their double coat.

Bathing also helps keep the skin clean. A good diet keeps them fit too. Keep in mind, Borzois are big dogs who love to run outside. They have lots of energy, they run fast, and will sometimes spin in circles! Make sure you let them move around a lot each day.

Borzoi Grooming: Reducing Excessive Shedding

Borzoi dogs need regular grooming to keep their shedding in check. The steps to tidy a Borzoi’s long, silky coat include:

  1. Brush the coat daily with a slicker brush,
  2. Use a pin brush for deep combing of the hair,
  3. Bathe your Borzoi every three to six weeks,
  4. Apply dog de – shedding shampoos during bath time,
  5. Trim the excess hair using dog trimming kit,
  6. Keep skin oils balanced by feeding your Borzoi a healthy diet,
  7. Use air purifiers and HEPA filters at home to limit airborne dander.

Borzoi Temperament and Lifespan

Borzois are gentle dogs. They want to please their owners, and they can be trained. They are good with kids and other animals too. Borzoi dogs have a calm nature but they also enjoy running and playing games.

A Borzoi dog will live up to 10 -14 years if it is healthy. To keep the dog healthy, vets should check it often, and its diet has to be well-balanced. Walks and playtime keep not only the body but also the mind of a Borzoi in good shape!

Is Borzoi the Right Dog for You?

In this section, we weigh the Borzoi’s size, activity level, and trainability against your lifestyle to help determine if this elegant breed is a suitable match for you.


Borzois are big dogs. Their regal size stands out, making them look grand and elegant. But their large build means they need plenty of room. Small apartments or houses with limited space may not be good for Borzois due to this.

They love to stretch out and run around, so wide-open spaces are best for them. Before getting a Borzoi, make sure you have enough space at home as well as outside for the dog to exercise freely.

Activity Level

Borzois are quiet dogs. They like to rest a lot and some people call them couch potatoes. But they do need to move too. Every day, they should walk or run for a bit. This keeps them happy and healthy.

When they are not at rest, then they are super full of energy, exercise is important for them.


Borzois are smart dogs. They pick up new tricks fast. But, they also have a strong will of their own. This can make it hard to train them at times. A gentle approach works best with this breed.

Early training is key for borzois. You should start when they are pups if you can. Socializing them young helps too. It makes them more friendly around others as they grow older.

Video – Are Borzoi Hypoallergenic Dogs?

This video explains why some dogs are hypoallergenic.


In the end, Borzois are not truly hypoallergenic dogs. Their long, silky coat sheds and can cause allergies. Yet, with regular grooming and a clean home, you might have fewer allergy issues.

Remember to think about your health before making one part of your family.


How can I control symptoms of my allergies if I have a borzoi at home?

You can manage your allergy symptoms using over-the-counter medications or prescription medicines. It’s crucial to keep your home clean with tools like air purifiers for dog hair and dander, and vacuum cleaners specifically made for dog hair & dander removal.

Are borzoi hypoallergenic?

No borzoi are not hypoallergenic. We think they still make great pets!

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