Are Borzois Lazy

Are Borzois Lazy?

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Borzois may act lazy yet with the right training and exercise they can surprise you with their energy. Those long legs do zip around when off the leash. 

Borzois are long-haired, elegant greyhound dogs, they’re also known as sighthounds. The breed was once known for hunting wolves in Russia yet that may be surprising. It’s not that they’re lazy dogs but occasionally they show a lazy bearing to life. They can be quiet, dignified, and restrained (yet occasionally goofy too), then playful and suddenly burst into life.

Borzois are smart and demonstrate a free-thinking demeanor, which may also mean they’re not renowned for their obedience. You could say Borzois like to reserve their energy. Remaining calm, respectful, and quiet when left with little to do. 

They may appear lazy for hours at a time and stretch their legs on the couch. However, Borzois need about an hour of exercise a day to remain healthy. Once trained and off the leash, the Borzoi can become a flurry of energy. Within a few seconds, those long legs can be far away in the distance. Then they can spend the rest of the day acting like a couch potato. 

If you want to prevent your Borzoi from becoming lazy then there are several steps you can take. 

Are Borzois Lazy
Puppy eyes from a lazy Borzoi!

Get Your Training In Early

Borzois can grow to be lazy which is why you should start their training early. Give them some loose structure and observe how they respond. They may like certain exercises or simply enjoy the odd lazy day a little too much.

As long as you begin a training plan and stick to it your Borzoi can grow to be active, albeit with a few lazy spells. This is a dog that remains steadfastly polite and relatively undemanding. Borzois are also quite intelligent so the training may be a long-term project.

Positive Reinforcement Training And Rewards

Be sure to give your Borzoi plenty of praise. If they are responding well to verbal acclaim and taking on instructions for exercise then feel free to reward them with healthy, nutritious treats. Borzois can be notoriously difficult to motivate so this may take time.

Start with basic commands and ensure your Borzoi knows that if it responds well there will be something positive coming their way.

Get Your Borzoi Some Outdoor Exercise

There are numerous ways to ensure your Borzoi gets the exercise it needs. Borzois are known for being swift and their prey drive is so hard-wired you’ll need to look out for anything that may tempt your dog to chase.

You may want to keep him leashed until you are confident your Borzoi will respond to your recall each and every time. This breed may be oblivious to the dangers of the road so please demonstrate real caution with your training.

For a long-term investment into their health, try them out on flyball at an early stage. It may take time yet it is worth it for all that great movement. If you have a social Borzoi try to book in a playdate with other Borzois or greyhounds. You may even find that your Borzoi tries to show off just how quick it is. Yet do show some restraint, a leading cause of death can be car collisions.

If you are keen to allow your Borzoi off the leash then ensure it is in a safe, enclosed area. As well as being incredibly quick, the Borzoi can also jump really well. They can make easy work of fences below six feet and once they are over it can be difficult to coax them back. The Borzoi also loves chasing, well, anything. Cats and even small dogs can be in trouble if they meet the eye line of a Borzoi.

For a more intimate form of exercise on alternate days, take your Borzoi out for a long walk. See how far yours can go until it appears lethargic. Take plenty of nutritious treats as a pick-me-up just in case. Your Borzoi will need plenty of rest once it gets back to its favorite spot on the couch. On another day try to go a little further and see if you can build up its stamina.

While leashed walks are great on an occasional day, Borzois do need regular access to enclosed areas where they can run. 

Are Borzois Lazy
Energetic Borzois sprinting across a field

Try Lure Coursing

Another activity in a controlled setting is lure coursing. Look out for dog adverts in parks or notice boards that offer this activity. If there are adverts then you’re in luck, lure coursing is great for tapping into your Borzoi’s natural inclination to gallop.

It’s also a social activity and fun to watch your Borzoi zip around with other dogs in an open field. You may discover that your Borzoi seems to prefer short, intense training sessions rather than lengthier exercises.

Play With Your Borzoi Indoors

If your Borzoi looks to be enjoying a particularly ‘lazy day’ try to play a game. You may want to encourage your Borzoi not to claim your favorite part of the sofa. Grab one of its favorite toys and see if your Borzoi wants to play fetch. Or they may prefer a classic tug-of-war. If they don’t seem that keen it may not mean they are lazy but you may want to invest in some brand new toys.

If your Borzoi seems easily distracted remember that they are always on the lookout for something to chase. Clear the area of any loose objects. Whether on your couch or outside, keep your Borzoi focused and they should respond.

Be prepared to be patient with your Borzoi and not be too disappointed if they are not interested in playing. Borzois are stringently independent and do not respond well to harsh training tactics. Insist on positive reinforcement treatment to gradually teach your dog to play comfortably.  

Ensure They Have The Right Food

Get your Borzoi outside and they can show off their sprinting. You may be tempted to let them run free yet take your time and keep them on the leash. Those long legs can really fly. They are so quick you may want to prolong their time with the leash yet learn to trust your Borzoi.

Once you think they know when it’s time for sprint and when it is time to return your Borzoi should be thankful. For that side to really shine you need to ensure they are fed highly nutritious food. The right mix of tailored vegetables for vitamins and minerals for recovery. For energy, they need fresh, well-sourced protein.

Are Borzois Lazy
Borzoi chillin’ in the yard

Final Thoughts

Borzois can be lazy dogs if they don’t begin a training plan early off. With the right activities, the right food, and the right rest, your Borzoi may surprise you. Borzois are generally incredibly loyal and should respond well to instructions once given the right training. Being patient is crucial to ensuring that your Borzoi can find its own pace to learn.

That includes verbal commands as well as knowing how to enjoy time outdoors. Borzois require big spaces to gallop yet can also lose themselves and you when chasing a cat or small dog. You will want to ensure that if you are keen to let your Borzoi off the leash, ensure it’s in a safe, enclosed area.

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