Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix

Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix

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The Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix is a new dog breed resulting from breeding both of these popular pedigrees. The dogs are typically friendly, but they differ depending on personality. The Borzoi is known for being intelligent, independent, and respectful.

As is the case with all dogs, they need socialization when young, which can influence how they interact with other dogs. What do they look like, and how do they behave? Is one breed more dominant than the other?

Let’s have a look at both in a bit more detail…

History of the Borzoi

Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix

The Borzoi is a highly intelligent Russian sighthound. These dogs are named as such because they hunt primarily by sight as well as speed. The name Borzoi comes from the Russian word for “fast/swift”.

They are able to pass, chase and hold prey over open and rugged terrain such as you would find in Russia. Borzois today are mostly pets kept in homes or show dogs, but they still have keen eyesight and are able to pursue prey instinctively.

All hunting dogs, such as the Borzoi, require lots of exercise and space to run. Without adequate exercise, Borzois can behave in a destructive way.

Interestingly, the famous captain of the Titanic, Edward J Smith, owned a Borzoi that he named Ben. He was known to adore his dog and had a photo of them both hanging outside his cabin.

In more recent times, the Borzoi has been a highly prized dog for the Russian Duke Nicholas Nicolaievish, and he bred them on his estate. By 1917 the aristocracy had been overthrown, and the hunting dogs were no longer seen as a necessity.

Thankfully, they were saved from extinction by a soviet soldier who had a soft spot for the Borzoi breed and convinced the government that they were valuable to hunters, so breeding was then regulated.

History of the Golden Retriever

Borzoi Golden Retriever Mix
Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is thought to be the second most popular dog in the United States, according to research.

The Retriever was first found in Scotland at Sir Dudley Majoribank’s estate. As a lover of dogs, he spent much time trying to perfect different types of breeds. He was an active hunter and was looking for a strong hunting dog but one that also made a good calm family pet. After much experimentation with different breeds, the Golden Retriever was born.

The Kennel Club in the UK recognized the Golden Retriever as a breed in 1911. At that time, they were classed as “Retriever — golden or yellow”. In 1920, the breed name was changed to Golden Retriever and by 1932 they were a recognized breed.

Height, Weight, and Lifespan: Borzoi and Golden Retriever

Borzois tend to weigh between 70-100 lbs, but this varies depending on several factors. Sadly, the Borzoi has quite a short lifespan, between 7-10 years.

The golden retriever is slightly shorter than the Borzoi at 20-24 inches. It weighs in at 22-75 lbs and can live to a ripe old age of 10-12 years.

Personality Mix

The Borzoi and the Golden Retriever mix can be a bit determined and stubborn. They are also inquisitive dogs by nature, so be sure to provide opportunities to play and explore.

Most dogs don’t like to be left alone and need attention from their human owners. You should ensure that the dogs are socialized, so they know how to behave around other dogs and people.

Positive reinforcement during training will help them understand how you want them to behave, even though they have a mind of their own.

Health Mix

All dogs can develop genetic health problems, but some breeds are susceptible to certain illnesses more than others. Getting a puppy will help you avoid this, as you can take active steps to protect them early on.

A breeder should offer a guarantee of good health on all puppies they sell, which will give you added peace of mind. If a breeder refuses to, do not buy a puppy from them, as you will likely land yourself a lot of trouble. A reputable breeder will be open and honest about any health issues in the breed and be totally transparent with you.

The Borzoi mixed with the Golden Retriever can be prone to dysplasia in the joints as well as bloat, and sometimes cases of progressive retinal atrophy.

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Grooming / Exercise / Training

The Borzoi Golden Retriever mix will shed hair, a lot! So be sure your vacuum is up to the job. Brush them regularly and bath them when they need it to keep hair issues under control.

This mix of dog is full of energy, so they will need extended walks every day to burn off excess energy. It will also help prevent destructive behavior.

Both Borzoi and golden retrievers are super intelligent, but the determined trait may make training a challenge. They require a firm hand and consistency. Try breaking training sessions into short daily sessions to allow them to digest what they learn. They tend to have short attention spans, so breaking it up will prevent them from getting bored.

Give the dogs lots of praise and treat based reinforcement always works well.


Feeding your canine is a matter of personal choice and every dog is different with various dietary requirements. Many dogs are overweight, so feeding the right food is crucial for their health.

A mix such as the Borzoi and Golden Retriever that’s prone to elbow and hip dysplasia should really be given fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements and included in the diet if possible. A raw food diet would be particularly beneficial for this breed. A raw diet would typically include fresh meat, eggs, veggies, organ meat, dairy, and some fruit.

Overfeeding is not wise and can really exacerbate health problems, especially those that affect the joints.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – everything you need to know about Borzoi / Golden Retriever mixed dogs. Just remember that as both are active breeds, your Borzoi / Golden will need plenty of exercise – but don’t push them too hard, as both parent breeds are susceptible to joint dysplasia.

Just remember that owning a dog is a privilege and as responsible owners it’s important we do all we can to look after them by gathering information and taking care of them to the best of our ability.

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