Borzoi Greyhound Mix

Borzoi Greyhound Mix

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The Borzoi Greyhound mix is a rare crossbreed. Like all mixed breeds, these puppies take some traits from each parent. You can expect a Borzoi Greyhound mix to be giant, energetic, and somewhat aloof. They will have a high prey drive.

The main difference between Borzois and Greyhounds is their fur. They might have a short, smooth coat like a Greyhound or long, curly fur like a Borzoi.

Learn more about the Borzoi Greyhound mix in this article, from what they look like to how they behave!

Borzoi Greyhound Mix

Borzois and Greyhounds are both sighthound breeds with long histories. They can be challenging to train due to their independent personalities and are sometimes compared to cats.

These dogs also have a high prey drive and must be leashed or enclosed at all times. They run up to 40 miles per hour, so catching one as they run after a squirrel or cat might be impossible.

This mix is great for families with plenty of time to spend with their dogs. They’ll spend much of their day lounging around the house, but they require plenty of exercise and will be ready to go when you are!

Lifespan 9-14 years

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Appearance

The biggest difference between the Borzoi and Greyhound is coat length. Borzois have long, curly coats, while Greyhounds have short fur.

A Borzoi Greyhound mix can take after either parent when it comes to their fur. They will be giant, standing over 26 inches tall and weighing between 60-105 pounds. Those who take after their Borzoi parent may, but won’t always, weigh more than those who take after the Greyhound parent.

They are born in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown, fawn, red, and brindle. They can also be any combination of these colors.

The puppies of this mix will all have the average sighthound build: a sprinter’s body with a long muzzle, legs, and tail, and a deep chest.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix is a giant dog with long or short coat
Borzoi Greyhound Mix is a giant dog with a coat that can be short like a greyhound or long like a Borzoi

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Cost

We can’t say for sure what a Borzoi Greyhound mix would cost because they are so rarely bred. You’re unlikely to find a breeder for this mix but may see them in a shelter or rescue.

Most times, rescue dogs cost under $500. This money goes toward their care and saving future pups in need. Often, a rescue or shelter will spend even more than the adoption fee on the dog when you add up veterinary costs, food expenses, and other needs—so it’s well worth it!

Adopting from a Rescue or Shelter

If you’re looking for a Borzoi Greyhound mix, check breed-specific rescues alongside your local animal shelters and dog rescues that take in all breeds.

You can also see if there are any sighthound rescues in your area.

Even if you cannot find this specific combo, you may see another mix, a purebred Borzoi, or a purebred Greyhound that’s perfect for you!

Finding a Breeder

Breeders of Borzoi Greyhound mixes are far and few between, and reputable breeders are even scarcer. We recommend adoption for this breed since you’re so unlikely to find a responsible breeder.

Remember that those selling a wide variety of puppies are likely puppy mills, which are only in it to sell as many dogs as possible with no regard to their wellbeing.

Backyard breeders should also be avoided. These are people who don’t put the effort into breeding ethically, whether they haven’t learned about the breed first or aren’t taking good care of their dogs.

Here are some tips to see if a breeder is reputable, just in case you happen to find one!

Lifetime Expenses

When adopting a dog, it’s also important to consider their lifetime expenses. This mixed breed is likely to live a decade or more, and that’s a big commitment!

One-time expenses include a spay or neuter surgery, initial vaccinations, food and water bowls, brushes, combs, a leash, collar, and harness. Some of these items may need to be bought periodically due to wear and tear as well.

More frequent expenses include toys and enrichment items, routine veterinary care, and food. You may also pay for any activities your dog engages in, including sports and training.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Head will be long
Borzoi Greyhound Mix -The head will have characteristics of the Borzoi (left) and the Greyhound (right)

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Temperament

Borzois and Greyhounds have similar temperaments. A mixed-breed will love to lounge around the house, yet need plenty of exercise. When you’re ready to go, they will be too—and they’ll love napping by your side after you’re done!

These dogs are sensitive and empathetic, often matching the mood surrounding them. People who adopt sighthounds during a rough time in their lives often find that the dogs provide great emotional support.

When it comes to training, they can be aloof and independent. Use positive training methods to motivate them. Some of these dogs aren’t very food motivated and might prefer a toy, pets, or praise as their training reward.

Despite their independent streak, they also love spending time with their families and you’ll often find them underfoot. It’s important to ensure they know how to be alone for short periods, as they can be prone to separation anxiety and clinginess. Teaching this early on is key.

Other training to consider includes manners, basic commands, and socialization. They shouldn’t be allowed to jump up on people or to chase people or pets. This can lead to injuries due to their large size.

A reliable recall is difficult to impossible to train in these dogs, so keeping them on a leash or enclosed space is crucial. High fences will stop them from jumping out of the yard after perceived prey, whether it’s a stray cat or a piece of trash blowing in the wind.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Exercise

If you’ve ever met a Borzoi or Greyhound, you might think they’re lazy couch potatoes. It’s true that they love comfort and will take quickly to being on the furniture.

Remember that they were bred to sprint, not for endurance—so they don’t need to be on the go all day, every day.

However, they still require a lot of exercise. One long daily walk and playtime in the yard should suffice. You might also consider a jog, hike, or dog sports!

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Grooming

How often you brush your dog, and with which type of brush, will depend on the coat they inherit. Borzois have long, curly coats that must be combed every few days to prevent matting.

Greyhounds are more low-maintenance, requiring brushing just once a week. Since their fur is short, this will take minimal time.

No matter their coat, they should be washed regularly. Other grooming tasks include brushing your dog’s teeth, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Environmental Needs

A large yard is important to keep these dogs healthy and happy. They get “zoomies” where they’ll want to race around at top speeds! Their size makes indoor running less than ideal, so an outdoor area is best.

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Even if you run daily with your mixed breed, you won’t be allowing them to go at those top speeds they sometimes crave. They were bred to run!

Some people keep these dogs successfully without a yard by taking them to other enclosed areas, like parks, where they can sprint to their heart’s content. This requires more work on your part, though, and doesn’t account for random bursts of energy your pup may have.

Wherever you run your dog, make sure the fencing is tall enough to keep them inside. They’re giant dogs and their bodies are perfect for high jumps.

When it comes to other household members, both parent breeds can get along with children. The dog and child should be taught to interact properly, as they can hurt one another if not.

Never leave any dog unattended with a child, as it’s too risky for them both.

These dogs tend to do best if they’re the only pet or you have other large dogs. They may see small dogs or cats as prey and must be socialized young for it to work.

Lastly, they should be able to get on just fine with neighbors. These breeds seldom bark but may do so to alert you to things in the environment, like a stranger on the property.

They’re also fairly people-friendly, but might be stand-offish with strangers if they weren’t socialized at a young age.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix Health

Mixed breeds can inherit health conditions from either parent. In this case, both parent breeds have similar health.

Things to watch for include:

As a sighthound owner, it’s crucial to inform yourself about bloat. This deadly condition happens when the dog’s stomach twists inside the body, cutting off their blood flow. It kills 30% of dogs affected, even with the best veterinary care.

Symptoms of bloat include:

  • Enlarged abdomen
  • Retching
  • Drooling
  • Restlessness
  • Pain in the stomach area, especially when touched

Bloat is never entirely preventable, but you can help by keeping your dog on a well-balanced diet, encouraging slow eating with grooved-bottom bowls, and not exercising them right before or after a meal. Keeping stress low is also key.

Respect boundaries when it comes to your dog’s food and ensure other pets, children, and family members do the same. Otherwise, your pup will learn to scarf it down quickly which can contribute to bloat.

Borzoi Greyhound Mix History

As we’ve discussed above, there isn’t much history when it comes to this mix. It’s seldom seen and most likely to be produced accidentally.

However, the parent breeds have long histories which we’ll discuss below.

Borzoi History

Borzois were first bred in 1600s Russia to participate in wolf hunts.

These massive events required hundreds of dogs able to withstand harsh winters, take down large game, and handle a bit more wear-and-tear than other sighthound breeds. This is where the Borzoi came by its thick coat and giant stature.

Greyhound History

Greyhounds originated in Egypt over 5000 years ago. They hunted in deserts, chasing down an assortment of prey including hare.

Like the Borzoi, Greyhounds were beloved by nobles.

There’s also a long history of Greyhound racing. Luckily, this inhumane sport has been banned in most of the United States and its popularity is dwindling.

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