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Borzoi Patronus – What Does it Say About You?

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Borzois are beautiful dogs with long, slender frames. Their appearance may be deceiving, but they’re very muscular with strong jaws. They were originally bred to hunt wolves in the cold Russian winters, and they had to be incredibly tough to do so!

Someone with a Borzoi Patronus is strong, loyal, and determined. They’re also sensitive, funny, and love to please others. They might be prone to bending or even breaking the rules, especially if those rules go against their own beliefs or what they instinctually know is right.

In this article, we’ll talk more about the Borzoi dog breed, what the Borzoi Patronus means, how rare it is, and how it couples with your Hogwarts house!

Borzoi Patronus Meaning

The Borzoi is a giant breed of dog with thick, curly hair. Their slender bodies were built for sprinting, from their long legs to their triangular faces.

Side View of a Borzoi standing on a lawn. Note the Slender Body, Narrow Head, and Long Legs.
Borzoi Dog Note the Slender Body, Long Legs, and Narrow Face. A very fast runner.

These dogs are most known for their calm disposition. They are content to lounge around the house for much of the day, and they love being comfortable!

When a Borzoi’s ready to run, however, they can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. They were originally bred to hunt wolves, and once they’ve set sight on their prey, they aren’t giving up!

In fact, these dogs can be quite stubborn. They know what they want and have strong instincts, so they are sometimes difficult to train.

Some people even compare Borzois to cats due to their calm demeanors, independent natures, and the finicky way that some of them eat. Some people focus on the borzoi’s appearance, including its long nose. This has led to quite a few internet memes about borzois.

If you have a Borzoi Patronus, that means you are gentle, brave, and sensitive to others’ feelings. You are likely very active, and even when you’re relaxed your mind is coming up with stories, projects, or new activities to try.

You’re very smart and might like puzzles and other challenges. You start new projects frequently, your imagination wandering from place to place.

Once you set your mind to something, you see it through like a Borzoi on the chase. You may lack patience, especially if someone is trying to stand in your way!

You are friendly but may feel reserved around strangers. You are loyal to your friends and making the people around you happy is important to you.

Is a Borzoi Patronus Rare?

The Borzoi Patronus rarity is low. It’s actually one of the top 20 patronuses, ranking at number 19.

Though many people have a Borzoi as their Patronus, it’s still very special! It means you’re loyal, smart, active, and independent.

Borzoi Patronus Slytherin

If you’re a Slytherin with a Borzoi Patronus, you are independent, confident, and know who you are. You walk with your head held high and aren’t afraid to reach for the stars!

Your active imagination makes it easy to dream up all kinds of possibilities for what your life could look like, and your perseverance helps you to see it through.

You’re stubborn and unmoving once you know what you want, and this makes you loyal to your friends too!

Borzoi Patronus Slytherin
Borzoi Patronus Slytherin

Borzoi Patronus Ravenclaw

As a Ravenclaw with a Borzoi Patronus, you are smart, creative, and independent. You don’t follow the crowd but instead forge your own path.

You might like to bend the rules sometimes, or find loopholes. It’s all good-natured, though—you enjoy a challenge, and dislike the feeling of being put in a box.

You are somewhat shy around strangers, but loyal to those around you. You might give a lot of gifts or compliments because you love making someone else’s day a little brighter!

Borzoi Patronus Ravenclaw
Borzoi Patronus Ravenclaw

Borzoi Patronus Hufflepuff

As a Hufflepuff with a Borzoi Patronus, you are quiet and sensitive. You can be shy at first, but once you open up to someone you’re their friend for life.

You have a remarkable ability to read others’ emotions. If your friends are sad, you feel sad too.

You love the comfortable things in life, like lounging on the couch with a soft blanket or having breakfast in bed. You appreciate the little things.

It takes a lot to get you riled up. You tend to be quiet, like the Borzoi who seldom barks. However, if someone makes you angry they might come to see that your bite is worse than your bark!

Borzoi Patronus Hufflepuff
Borzoi Patronus Hufflepuff

Borzoi Patronus Gryffindor

If you’re a Gryffindor with a Borzoi Patronus, you are independent, brave, and unafraid to do what is right. You are strong and active, likely pursuing at least one sport!

You might be unsure about new people, but you’re loyal to your close friends. Once you’ve set your mind to something, whether it’s a friendship or a new creative project, you’re in it for the long haul.

You’re kind and sensitive to others’ feelings. Making people you care about happy is important to you. You have a great sense of humor and you love to make people smile.

Borzoi Patronus Gryffindor
Borzoi Patronus Gryffindor

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