Borzoi Poem

Borzoi Poem

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Russians have long immortalized dogs in their poetry and art. Enjoy this National Borzoi Club exclusive translation of Oh, Borzoi!, an interesting Russian poem about the Borzoi.

Borzoi Poem, Translated From Russian


Stretched bowstring

An arrow flying forth ...

Oh, Borzoi! Let me tell you these words

Dedicated to the winds my sweet friend!

You are wise

Your character is true ...

Graceful gait and posture

You are not just a dog, but a Chieftan!

You fly excitedly ahead 

Crowds of hunters, horses ...

And the beast just can't get away

From your instincts and agility!

The chase is over ... and suddenly

You’ve turned into ... nobility ...

Aristocrat, friend

You are considered royalty!

Gentle, sedate, dignified

Not at all obtrusive ...

At exhibitions you are perceived as imperial

Other dogs, you can go to Hell!

You are the symbol of Mother Russia

You are the essence of her vast fields ...

A person must be aligned with the powers of the Earth

To understand the beauty of such animals

A Russian speaker translated this poem for us, and she explained that some of the translation was tricky and we had to use our judgment for some of the words. Note that the “you can go to Hell” line is a literal translation. Borzoi lovers in Russia are serious!

Russian Borzoi Poem
Two imperial Borzoi!

Video Reading of “To Kachalov`s Dog” – Yesenin

While this poem is about a Doberman Pinscher, the reading in English certainly conveys the importance that Russians place on dogs!

Actor Alexei Diakov reads Peter Tempest’s translation of “To Kachalov`s Dog” by Sergei Yesenin

Borzoi Inspired Poetry And Other Texts

Alfred A. Knopf, the famous publisher, chose a coursing Borzoi as the “sign” of Knopf Books. Owned by Random House today, The Borzoi Reader is still part of the Knopf coursing Borzoi legacy.

The appearance of the borzoi dog, particularly it’s long nose, has made it part of popular culture. Across the internet are a variety of borzoi memes, many of which focus on the dog’s proboscis.

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