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Borzoi Puppy Overview

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Borzoi are large dogs that were initially developed in Russia as hunting dogs, they have a similar appearance to the whippet and greyhound. Borzois are often called Russian Sighthounds. While they are very adept pack hunters, Borzois are also very loyal companions and as a result of this, after their development, they became popular across Europe. Soon after, the love for Borzoi’s spread across the pond and there are now many Borzoi breeders across the United States. If you are considering adopting one of these unique and stunning dogs, then you should find out what is required to raise a healthy Borzoi puppy. It is important that they receive the utmost care and attention. In return, you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion.  Let’s learn more about Borzoi puppies.

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What Is The Personality Of A Borzoi?

The Borzoi may be a larger dog but it doesn’t have a hugely ‘bouncy’ personality. Rather, these dogs are placid and well-behaved. That said, there is a need for regular exercise for your Borzoi Puppy in order to maintain good health. 

For anyone who is looking for a loyal dog, the Borzoi would make an excellent choice. These animals are very caring towards their owners and will form a loyal bond. However, they can be quite timid in the early days so this bond may take some time to form. 

Once your Borzoi has grown to trust and love you, you will benefit from a very strong relationship with them. However, Borzois can also become very dependent on their owners’ company and may suffer with separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. For this reason, you should make sure that your pet has plenty to do when they are home alone. 

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Borzois may not make suitable pets for new dog owners without training experience since they can have a very stubborn nature. As such, training a Borzoi puppy may prove to be more difficult than when working with other breeds. However, they are incredibly intelligent dogs and will learn new tricks and to follow commands with some patience and perseverance. 

It is also important to keep in mind that the Borzoi is a delicate dog and will sustain injuries easily. For this reason, when leash training, owners must be mindful not to tug on the leash or be overly rough. Moreover, with harsh training like this and the Borzoi’s sensitive personality, it may take longer for a bond to form. 

How Much Exercise Do Borzois Need?

While the Borzoi is a relatively placid dog, they still need to have a good amount of exercise. Taking on a Borzoi puppy means that you will need to be willing to spend at least one hour each day exercising them. Walking your dog in an open space where they can run free is the best option and it is perfectly acceptable to take your Borzoi out walking for two half thirty minute sessions each day.

In addition to lots of walking and running, Borzois will need plenty of interactive playtime with their owners. This can involve playing games and training your pet. 

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A Borzoi Puppy needs a lot of exercise!


As we have mentioned, Borzoi puppies may take a little longer to train than other breeds, this is because of their strong-willed nature. But this certainly does not mean that they cannot be trained, it simply takes a little patience. Borzoi are sighthounds, and their instinct is to chase anything that they see.

When your Borzoi is still a pup, you can initiate reward-based training as these intelligent dogs will quickly learn to associate rewards with desired behaviors.

Furthermore, since Borzois can be a little nervous around new people, socializing them from puppies is essential. In doing this, you will be giving your Borzoi a chance to thrive and feel confident in new social situations. 

Borzoi Diet

Borzoi dogs are very slim and to keep your pet in good shape, it is essential that he has a healthy and well-balanced diet. Especially when they are young, they are very healthy eaters, and a Borzoi puppy may require as many as six small meals a day to keep their energy levels up. Lots of protein is essential and your vet will be able to recommend the best dry dog foods to offer your pup. 

Once they reach young adulthood, a Borzoi could weigh around 90lbs and this would mean that he would need around 2030 calories each day. However, for owners who will be coursing with their dogs, the Borzoi may need an additional 300-400 calories on active days. 

As an  adult, you will find that your Borzoi will likely eat his daily calorie allowance over the course of two meals; one at either end of the day. But if you are offering treats to your dog, you must ensure that these do not exceed more than 10% of the recommended daily calorie intake.

Borzoi Grooming

The Borzoi is a long-haired dog and this hair can become tangled and matted if a regular grooming routine is not put into place. It is best to brush your pet’s hair at least two to three times each week but if you can manage more than this, it certainly won’t do any harm. 

Many owners also regularly book their Borzois in for a professional grooming session to ensure that everything is kept on top of. 

New owners should also keep in mind that the Borzoi will heavily shed, however, this will become more apparent during the fall and spring shedding season.

Do Borzois Get On Well With Other Pets And Children?

If you are bringing a Borzoi puppy into a family home, the good news is that these dogs are relatively calm and will be tolerant of older children. However, since they prefer a quiet environment, owners with young children may wish to consider waiting a few years before adopting a Borzoi. 

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Moreover, since the Borzoi is a delicate and sensitive animal, he typically doesn’t like being rough-housed which is something that younger children may not understand. While Borzois are not aggressive dogs, they may react if they feel threatened or are harmed. Even if you have older children in the home, they should always be supervised around the Borzoi. 

In terms of allowing your Borzoi to live alongside other dogs, they may be a little timid. That said, if they are socialized from puppies, the Borzoi will live happily with other canines. But full supervision should always be given and you should ensure that the other dog will be amiable with the Borzoi. 

If you have smaller pets like kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and such, it would not be advisable to adopt a Borzoi. These are hunting dogs with a naturally high prey drive and they will attempt to catch and kill smaller animals. 

Do Borzoi’s Bark A Lot?

If you have close neighbors, the chances are that you won’t want to upset them with a dog that barks constantly. With Borzois, each dog is different and the amount of noise they make will depend on their individual personality. You might think of it in a similar way that some humans are naturally more talkative than others. 

However, if they are well-cared for, Borzois are not very loud dogs and rarely bark. The reason for this is likely because they were bred as hunting dogs and have it ingrained in them to remain quiet and stealthy. 

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