Borzoi Whippet Mix

Borzoi Whippet Mix

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It’s a well-known fact that dogs are a man’s best friend! They are lovable, loyal, and most importantly huggable creatures that will never leave your side. They make great companions and buddies for life. But how do you choose a dog when there are so many breeds to choose from? Especially when you consider all the crossbreeds as well!

Having a cross-bred dog has its benefits – there are two different breeds genetically mixed to create the best of both. But what happens when you mix a Borzoi with a Whippet? And what needs do they have that might be any different?

Brief Borzoi History

Borzoi Whippet Mix
Staring Borzoi

Did you know that the Borzoi breed itself was created through cross-breeding? In Russia in the 17th century, Arabian sighthounds were crossed with a thick-coated breed of dog to get the fluffy Borzois we know today.

In fact, until 1936 – not even 100 years ago – the dog was known as the Russian Wolfhound. Traditionally these dogs were used for hunting, but less so in the present day. This is because they have very good eye-sight, which is useful when it comes to hunting.

Brief Whippet History

Borzoi Whippet Mix

Whippets are a descendant of Greyhounds from England. Just like Borzois, they originally come from Sighthounds – English ones rather than Russian.

Their purpose used to be similar to that of the Borzois, however in modern times they are most often used for agility, dock diving, and flyball as well as many other dog sports. They are very active and energetic dogs that are easy to train and great as family dogs.

History of Borzoi Whippet

Now that we have established that the two breeds come from entirely different continents, how did they ever come to breed together?

Well over history the two types of dogs were brought over to both countries and bred together. They make a great mixed breed because they carry all the best qualities of both dogs. They are safe around children and playful from the Whippet but also loyal and faithful thanks to their Borzoi genes.

When the two are mixed it creates a medium to large size dog with thin but strong legs. This comes in useful when it comes to dog sports because they are both fast and agile.

Although the dog is thin, it is extremely fluffy and hairy and thus needs a lot of attention when it comes to grooming. They have a long fluffy tail and a long face similar to the Borzoi dog.

As fluffy as these dogs are, their faces are not and they have small eyes. Usually, this mix of breeds comes in black, brown, or copper mixed with white.


When mixing two breeds, the health rate of the dog produced is generally better. This is because when the breeds are mixed, there are more genes which means there are fewer health declines and diseases that it would need protection against – especially if you have your dog vaccinated. Fewer health problems to worry about – the happier the dog and you are (and any vet bills!)

Borzoi Whippets live as long as 15-20 years! So, if you are looking for a dog with a longer lifespan, then this is definitely a good breed for you. Some dogs only live 6-7 years, and most only until their early teens – but the Borzoi Whippets can live a lot longer!


Borzoi Whippet dogs are great to have as a family pet. They are fantastic with children and make loyal companions.

Alongside this, they are one of the easiest breeds there are to train. They often have very high levels of energy and playful nature – again making them the perfect family pet.

If you are looking for a dog that is safe around kids and will play with them, this is a dog for you! Plus, they live a very long time (especially in dog terms) and so your children will be able to grow up with them!

If there are any cons to the dogs’ personality it’s that it is prone to barking or howling upon arrival of strangers – however they also like to get on with strangers well – perhaps even too well. These dogs love everyone! These dogs have a lot of energy and so need ‘play-time’ in order to keep up a healthy lifestyle!

Care: Grooming, Exercise, and Training


Borzoi Whippet Mix
Alert Whippet Dog

One thing to bear in mind when having a Borzoi Whippet mix as a pet, is the amount of grooming they require. They are extremely hairy creatures and thus shed a lot. Like, more than your average dog would. They are tough to groom, but not impossible.


This type of dog needs a lot of exercise. They have a playful and energetic nature and need to exercise to stay healthy. They have to be taken outside for exercise every day as well as having ‘play-time’ so they can use all their energy up!

This is not the kind of job for someone with a busy lifestyle, due to not only the amount of exercise they need but also because they do not like to be alone and can become very distressed when left alone for long periods of time.


The Borzoi Whippet dog is one of the easiest breeds to train and handle. They are no trouble to train and enjoy learning – they do however have an incredibly short attention span, so make sure you have treats on hand when training! They are very obedient and simple to train with the food-luring technique.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this mixed breed dog makes a fantastic family pet, that will grow up and always play with your children. They are loyal and loving dogs and will be a lifelong friend. They have bundles of energy and need to have lots of exercises – they make great hiking buddies for you!

Aside from being incredibly hairy and shedding their hair everywhere, they are beautiful dogs that will love from the moment you meet them up until the end.

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