11 Year Old Winston in his Bully Bed

Bully Beds

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Beds For Large Dogs From Bully Beds

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The folks at Bully Beds are experts on beds for large dogs, and that is all they make. I was their customer before becoming affiliated with them, and my elderly dog loves his Bully Bed.

My elderly Borzoi, Winston, sleeps on a Bully Bed Original, size XL, with a chocolate colored cover. Other dog beds just do not cut it. Winston is 11 years old and even a few years ago I had to start stacking blankets just right to make his bed comfy for him. I wish that I had purchased a Bully Bed earlier for him.

Bully Bed for large and old dogs
11 year old Winston loves his Bully Bed!

You may have seen several photos of Winston throughout our site.

The memory foam / support foam works wonders for his joints. All of the foam is non-toxic and human grade. Winston’s bed is 7 inches thick! The amazing thing about the thickness is that the bed doesn’t get compressed by his weight; Bully Beds come with a 20 year “no flat” guarantee.

Bully Beds for large and old dogs
Bully Beds are durable, easy to clean, and best of all — comfy for large and old dogs

The bed cover we use is a soft, durable microfiber material that Winston seems to love. It is zippered and is easy to remove for simple washing.

The story behind Bully Beds is amazing. Be sure to check out their About Us page and read about Bull, an amazing Cano Corso mastiff. Bull is a great inspiration story for Bully Beds!

Video: Winston Chillaxing On His Bully Bed

The Bully Bed was a life changer for Winston! Enjoy this short video!

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Thomas Indrik
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