Borzoi Behavior

Are Borzois Smart?

Are Borzois Smart?

Borzois are a strikingly beautiful, loving, and unique breed of dog. Thanks to their large, gorgeously chiselled stature and their calm, affectionate temperament, Borzois have won the hearts of dog owners around the world.   However, whether we can add ‘high intelligence’ to the long list of great Borzois characteristics is quite contested. If you’re considering …

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Are Borzois loyal

Are Borzois Loyal?

With their characteristic long faces, slim builds, and luscious shaggy coats, Borzois are certainly a unique breed of dog when it comes to looks. Originally known as the Russian Wolfhound for its country and purpose of origin, these dogs were first bred for hunting wolves and other game on expeditions as early as the 13th …

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Do Borzois Bark a Lot

Do Borzois Bark A Lot?

Borzois are beautiful, sleek dogs that were originally bred for coursing wolves in Russia. They used to be known as the Russian Wolfhound up until 1936 since they were hunting dogs and bred in Russia. They are a noble breed, with good temperaments and loyalty. A common question about Borzois revolves around their barking – …

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Are Borzois Lazy

Are Borzois Lazy?

Borzois may act lazy yet with the right training and exercise they can surprise you with their energy. Those long legs do zip around when off the leash.  Borzois are long-haired, elegant greyhound dogs, they’re also known as sighthounds. The breed was once known for hunting wolves in Russia yet that may be surprising. It’s …

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