Borzoi Care

Do Borzois Shed?

Do Borzois Shed?

One of the defining features of a Borzoi is their beautiful long coat that swishes gracefully as they trot around. However, they shed – a lot. And they shed year round. If you do not like the idea of vacuuming or sweeping often, a Borzoi may not be for you. On the bright side, their …

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Do Borzois Need Grooming

Do Borzois Need Grooming?

The breed name ‘borzoi’ literally means ‘swift’ in Russian, so it’s no surprise to know that borzois are as energetic as dogs come. Usually, this means that they tend to get just as dirty as other dogs, needing grooming as often as you can. It’s important to remember that’s a clean dog is a happy …

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borzoi puppies with mom

Borzoi Puppy Overview

Learn about Borzoi puppies to see if they would be a good fit for your household. Details on the breed, diet, appearance, and physical activity needs. These stunning dogs require care and attention but will be a great companion.