Borzoi Facts

Female vs Male Borzoi

Female vs Male Borzoi

If you are looking into getting a Borzoi, you must be considering whether to get a male or a female. Are there any massive differences? What are they, or is there no real difference between the two? In this article, we are going to look at the overall behavior and tendencies of the breed based …

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What Are Borzois Used For

What Are Borzois Used For?

Borzois are one of the most versatile dog breeds out there, with these canines being used for many different things. With the breed originating from Russia, throughout history they’ve been used for all sorts of different activities and jobs. With Borzois being so versatile, we look at the different personality traits they have and the …

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What are Borzois known for?

What Are Borzois Known For?

Borzois have been one of the most popular large dog breeds in recent years, although their fascinating origins show that they’ve been associated with class and elegance since the early 17th century. With a rich and interesting history as hunting dogs, these dogs have found a new life as affectionate and caring family dogs who …

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Why Are Borzois So Long

Why Are Borzois So Long?

Ah, the elegant Borzoi. Believe it or not, there’s not too much information out there about how or why these graceful dogs are so long-limbed (not to mention, with a pretty long snout, too) but we’re here to answer your questions about this unquestionably unique breed of dog so that you have a better understanding …

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