Creepy Borzoi Dog

Creepy Borzoi Dog

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We like to think that Borzoi have a unique look: graceful, powerful, and beautiful. They are amazing animals.

borzoi running in grass
Powerful Borzoi Dog Running at Full Speed.  Is it creepy?

But based on the number of Google searches for “Creepy Borzoi Dog” it seems that a lot of the denizens of the online world see a Borzoi and think “Creepy”.

Is it the long snout?

The internet has certainly created a great number of memes that focus on the borzoi snout. Does this make it creepy?

borzoi with long snout peeking through seats in the car
Borzoi with Long Snout.  Does this make the Borzoi look creepy?

Is it their long, thin, almost fluid bodies?

woman with borzoi on a trail
Borzois Have Long Thin Bodies.  Is this a Creepy Borzoi Dog?

Is it the fact that they hunt wolves? That’s right, they hunt wolves. See here: Borzoi Vs Wolf

Is it because they are from Russia? Borzoi originated in Russia in the 17th century.

Are Greyhounds also creepy? We don’t think so, but Greyhounds and Borzoi are closely related sighthounds, so maybe people think that Greyhounds are creepy as well. Check out the similarities and differences here: Borzoi vs. Greyhound

Is it because they spin? Borzoi are known to spin many times during the day, and it is certainly a sight to behold. Does that make them creepy?

We get it – Borzoi don’t look like any other dog. Actually, not like any other animal! They are beautiful in their own special way – browse our site, learn a bit about these majestic dogs, and see if “creepy” is still the word you would use to describe a Borzoi!

dog racing in lure coursing
Borzoi Lure Coursing.  We don’t think that the Borzoi is creepy at all!

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