Do Borzois Bark a Lot

Do Borzois Bark A Lot?

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Borzois are beautiful, sleek dogs that were originally bred for coursing wolves in Russia. They used to be known as the Russian Wolfhound up until 1936 since they were hunting dogs and bred in Russia.

They are a noble breed, with good temperaments and loyalty. A common question about Borzois revolves around their barking – does this breed bark a lot? The short answer is no. Borzoi are typically very quiet, but there can be some exceptions.

If you want to find out more about Borzois and why they might bark, keep reading. There is plenty to learn about these animals, as they are unlike many other dog breeds.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Some dogs will bark a lot more than others, that is just the way it is. Specific breeds will be more vocal, while others will sit in silence for hours.

Have you ever met a husky that wasn’t vocal? Genetics play a huge role in whether dogs bark, and there is nothing we can really do to change that. Because of this, you need to take careful consideration of a few things before deciding on the breed of dog you get.

Depending on where you live (apartment, farm, house, etc.) you will want a dog that suits the environment. Having a dog that barks a lot in an apartment complex would not be a good idea.

Dogs can bark for a number of reasons. It could be that your dog is lonely and wants companionship, or they are excited and ready for playtime. The pitch of the bark is important, as is the speed of successive barks.

Generally speaking, higher-pitched barks indicate excitement and playfulness, while deeper barks are usually connected to aggressiveness. With that being said, dogs’ barks will become higher pitched if they are lonely, too, so this is something to look out for.

You will notice that every bark that your dog has means something different, all you need to do is be aware of the situation and connect the dots.

In terms of the bark succession, there are a few things to know, too. If your dog is barking multiple times in a row, they are more aroused about something (this can be excitement, fear, or anything else). Often a dog will only bark once if they are annoyed or surprised.

Why Don’t Some Dogs Bark a Lot?

Some dogs are naturally not very vocal, just like some people. There is nothing wrong with this (unless you want a guard dog).

There are, however, sometimes reasons why your dog is not barking, especially if they usually do bark. Some of these reasons may include laryngeal disease, which makes it painful or possibly impossible for your dog to bark. Other medical reasons can include trauma to the trachea or larynx, metabolic disorders, chronic vomiting, or respiratory conditions.

If your dog usually does bark a lot, and they have stopped suddenly, it may be best to organize a trip to the vet. If, however, your dog naturally seems to be quieter, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern. Like people, dogs have their own personalities and some simply don’t use their voice a lot.

Do Borzois Bark a Lot
Borzoi puppy listening, not barking

Do Borzois Bark a Lot?

The reason you are here is to find out about Borzois’ barking habits – so, do Borzois bark a lot? The answer is no. These dogs are one of the quietest breeds you can get, along with golden retrievers, Italian greyhounds, whippets, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Borzoi puppies can be loud, like any other puppy in the world. As they grow up, however, they often quieten down and become more reserved. The way you raise and train your puppy will play a huge role in this, though. Because of the way this breed came to be (a hunting dog), silence and stealth seem to have been ingrained into them. So, as a result, this breed will rarely bark if it is properly cared for.

Why Your Borzoi Might Be Barking a Lot

Sometimes Borzois will bark, and it could be for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons for excessive barking from your Borzoi include:

  • When they are playing with you – like any other dog, your Borzoi might become excited when you are playing. They will often wag their tails and leap if they are excited, too
  • When they are being territorial – your Borzoi will probably be territorial, especially in your home. If a stranger or another animal is on the premise, your dog will not be too happy about it and will bark as a warning
  • When they are being protective – this is similar to when they are being territorial. If you and your Borzoi have a strong bond, they will want to keep you safe. Barking acts as a warning to make sure the other people and animals stay away from you or something they are protective of
  • When they are welcoming you home – when you get home from work or a day out, your Borzoi might greet you happily. This is just them telling you that they are glad you are back, and they missed you. You should be honored
  • If they are worried about something – your Borzoi will likely bark at things that surprise them or give them a fright. This can be sudden movements as well as sounds
  • If they are bored – a bored dog might just bark and howl for the sake of it. Always make sure there is something for your pet to do, especially when you leave them alone in the house. There should be toys available for them to play with, so they are kept busy while you are gone
  • If they are lonely – since dogs are pack animals and Borzoi are no exceptions, they will get lonely when there is no one else around. You might hear constant barking from a lonely dog, and it will sound sad, and very yelp-like
  • If they are experiencing separation anxiety – Borzoi are usually quite shy dogs and are not too sociable, especially with strangers. When you form a strong bond with them, they will probably want to be with you a lot. These kinds of dogs will experience separation anxiety and might bark excessively when you are not around. On top of barking, they may become destructive and ruin furniture, pace around a lot and show other symptoms of anxiety such as drooling, depression and defecating and/or urinating in the house
  • If they are looking for attention – If your Borzoi wants something (like a walk or food), they might bark at you to let you know.
Do Borzois bark a lot
A quiet borzoi in the forest

How to Train Your Dog to Bark Less

If you are experiencing problems with your dog barking, there are six main ways to train them to stop. If you want to get all the details on how to execute these training techniques, follow this link.

The six methods are:

  • Desensitize Your Dog to Whatever Stimulus Makes them Bark – doing this will essentially make your dog forget that they should bark at particular things because they no longer care about it
  • Pair an Incompatible Behavior with the Barking Behavior – your dog can’t do two vastly different things at once
  • Try Ignoring the Barking – if you do not react to the barking, your dog should eventually get bored. Because they didn’t get attention for their behavior, they are less likely to do it again
  • Make Sure Your Dog is Tired – your dog needs to be getting enough mental and physical exercise so that they aren’t bored. A bored dog will bark a lot more, so make sure to walk them a lot and give them things to do so they are no longer interested in barking
  • Get Rid of the Reason They are Barking – out of sight, out of mind. If your dog can no longer see what they were barking at, chances are they will stop barking.


Overall, Borzois do not bark a lot. They are relatively quiet, timid animals that love their owners.

If your Borzoi does bark a lot, they are probably trying to tell you something, and you need to listen.

By listening to your animal and making sure they are in good health, you will naturally limit the amount of barking they do because they will be happier overall. And a happy dog is what everybody wants.

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