Do Borzois Need Grooming

Do Borzois Need Grooming?

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The breed name ‘borzoi’ literally means ‘swift’ in Russian, so it’s no surprise to know that borzois are as energetic as dogs come.

Usually, this means that they tend to get just as dirty as other dogs, needing grooming as often as you can. It’s important to remember that’s a clean dog is a happy dog, and that the more exercise they need the more frequently they will need a wash.

Being the owner of a borzoi can keep you on your toes, which is why it’s useful to be able to plan and create a grooming routine. By having a better understanding of how your dog works, you’re creating a stronger bond between you and your pup.

We’ve done research the help you understand if and when your dog needs grooming, and how to do it when needed.

Do Borzois Need Grooming?

The simple answer is yes; Borzoi Grooming is very important! You’ll struggle to find a dog breed that doesn’t need grooming every now and then, with borzois needing TLC just as much as the next breed.

Borzois are an extremely energetic breed, which means that the more playing they do, the more likely they are to get dirty. Because their fur can grow to long lengths, and because Borzoi shed a lot, it’s useful to keep on top of your companion’s hair before it becomes tangled or too curly.

The shorter your dog’s hair, the less of a chance there is that they’ll get dirt and debris caught in their fur.

How Often Do Borzois Need Grooming?

The standard amount of time that you need to leave between brushes is roughly two weeks. However, you can brush your dog weekly if you feel the need to. It’s recommended that you use a pin brush and a metal comb to help remove tangles and curls.

How often you groom your fluffy buddy will often come down to how often you take them for exercise and outdoor playtime.

When dogs are younger all they want to do is play, which is why you may groom your borzoi more when they’re younger, as opposed to when they may have calmed down a bit later in their life.

It’s important to remember to check behind your furry friend’s legs and ears for tangling and knotting. These areas often get overlooked and need just as much care as the rest of your canine.

Remember not to brush too hard when tending to your borzoi’s needs otherwise you risk getting the brush caught in the curls. Not only will this be frustrating for you, but it can also hurt your pup.

Try not to brush your dog too often, however, because you may be unintentionally thinning out their fur coat.

Do Borzois Need Grooming? Yes. Borzoi Grooming is important.
Beautifully groomed borzoi

How to Groom Your Borzoi


On top of brushing, you’ll also need to keep an eye on when your best friend will need bathing. Borzois can keep themselves rather clean and their coat can repel dirt and water, so they may not need to have a bath as frequently as other dog breeds. It may fall down to your dog in particular, however.

All of our pets have their own personalities and their own characteristics, so you’ll know whether your pup will need extra cleaning time. Although we love them, some of them can be a nightmare to keep clean!

You’ll need to invest in some dog shampoo and conditioner if you want the best results when cleaning your pup. Human shampoo and conditioner can affect your dog’s coating and protective oils. Without these, they can be open to more illnesses and parasites, due to how dirty we know they can get.

Using shampoo for humans on your dog can also dry their skin out and cause flaking. This can make your dog feel itchy, which can lead to over-scratching, causing long-term damage to their skin.

Hair Clipping

An important part of borzoi grooming that often gets overlooked is the clipping of the hair between your dog’s paws. Take special care around the footpads and use a special clipper designed for this area, as the last thing you’ll want to do is hurt your four-legged friend!

The reason why it’s important to keep your dog’s fur short around the paws is to help ensure that small parts of debris and dirt don’t get caught whilst running. This way you reduce the risk of your dog stepping on something and having it hurt them.

Remember to use a dedicated pair of clippers, rather than any sort of model, or any old pair of scissors.

Companies have spent a lot of time and research designing clippers that suit your dog’s needs. They prevent these devices from causing any harm or over-cutting to your pup’s coat and are shaped to target specific areas on your dog’s body, such as the feet and the head.

Do Borzoi need grooming? Yes. borzoi grooming is important to the quality of life of your pet.
Groomed Borzoi Paw

Nail Clipping

Nail cutting can be quite a nerve-racking experience for dog owners and can often cause more stress than needed.

Granted, it can be a daunting task, however, all it takes is a bit of practice and you’ll be trimming your dog’s nails like a pro! It’s important to be patient and gentle with your dog, to make sure that they feel comfortable and safe. You can do this by reassuring them and using a calming tone of voice, potentially with a few treats as a reward.

As you start to clip your pup’s nails, it helps to gently press on their paws to help them get accustomed to the feeling and sensation of the process. Then shave around the nails slowly and gently to make sure that the fur is thin enough that it won’t get in the way.

A good method is to clip one of your dog’s nails, give them a treat, then give them some encouragement. Tell them how much of a good boy (or girl) they are and give them a few cuddles, it’s just as nervy for them as it is for you!

Never trim the nails all the way down to the nub and try not to trim all of the nails in one sitting. This way their paws remain protected and your dog won’t have to cope with the whole process all at once. Gradually cut their nails over a few grooming sessions to get them used to it.

As previously mentioned, it’s important to use specific tools and devices for grooming your dog. There are plenty of tools to use for different areas of grooming and it’s good to have a good amount of weapons in your arsenal to tackle the task. Your dog will thank you!

Final Thoughts

Borzoi Grooming may seem like an uphill battle at first, requiring a lot of patience and attention. However, after a bit of practice and learning a few tips and tricks you can turn grooming into a bonding session between you and your furry companion.

To make it as easy as possible to groom you Borzoi, remember to stay patient and remain calm.

Dogs are great at reading emotions, so if you come across as composed then they’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, whereas if you come across as nervous and panicky then your dog may start to move around and get excited. It’s a win-win situation! You get a healthy, clean companion and your dog gets a few treats and some hugs. What’s not to love?!

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