How Much Do Borzois Cost?

How Much Do Borzois Cost?

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Have you got your eyes on a gorgeous little Borzoi puppy? If so, it’s important to know how much money you will be expected to pay for it. Borzois live up to 11 years and are a long-term financial responsibility.

By doing this research you will be able to make a responsible decision even if that means saying goodbye to your dream Borzoi puppy for now.

In addition to the cost to acquire a Borzoi, there are ongoing costs that come with having a Borzoi as there with any pet. Food, veterinarian trips, toys, training, and more can factor in to the total cost of ownership with a Borzoi.

What is a Borzoi?

Borzois have this aura about them that almost makes you feel not worthy to be in their presence. They are quite rare nowadays but are an old breed originating in the 17th century where they were strongly associated with the royals in Russia and would run beside their horses and hunt down whatever prey they came across whether it was a rabbit or a wolf.

They are huge dogs that can reach 30-inches tall and 100 pounds in weight but that does not take away from their graceful gait that quickly covers ground whilst looking effortless. Their most notable feature is their long snout that allows them to inhale more oxygen into their deep chest and give them the endurance that they have demonstrated throughout history.

Borzois have a beautiful long coat that is usually flat and silky but can also be coarse, curly, and wavy. Their coat can also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns but most of them are white with brown or black patches. Some owners prefer to keep their Borzoi’s coat short to make it more manageable.

Due to the reason as to why they were bred, Borzois have a very strong prey drive, and you can sometimes see them on racetracks like you would greyhounds. This instinct is strong and unless you have an exceptional recall, it is best to keep your Borzoi on a leash when out on walks unless you are in a closed, secure field.

Borzoi Temperament

How Much Do Borzois Cost?
Borzoi in the sun

On the slim chance that you have seen a Borzoi out and about (since they are so rare), you have probably noticed that they are reserved and sensitive. Of course, this does not go for every Borzoi as some can be outgoing and people-orientated, but it does apply to the majority.

They are independent and stubborn by nature which makes them more of a challenge to train than most breeds, but it is not because they are being defiant but because it’s in their DNA to think for themselves.

Despite this, they do like to please their owners especially if they have a strong bond with them and do best with a single owner or smaller families as their sensitive nature can make them overwhelmed with rambunctious young children around. Borzois tend to be much more aloof with strangers and if you want a dog that will happily greet everyone that comes into the house for game night then you might be disappointed to find your Borzoi could not care less.

Even though they can be independent, most Borzois will still act like a 100-pound lap dog and give you a cuddle at the end of the day, which in a way is much more rewarding as you know you have really earned their trust and loyalty.

How to Care for a Borzoi

Borzois are gorgeous dogs that deserve to be cared for properly, and it’s important to know what you will need to provide them with before you make the leap and buy one.

Like any dog, their coat needs grooming, their teeth need cleaning, and their nails need clipping to keep the dog in an overall good condition. To keep their coat healthy, you must brush them twice a week with a pin brush to remove dead hair, tangles, and debris that may have accumulated over the days. They have an undercoat that gets thicker in the winter and sheds in the summer which is when you should alter to brushing your Borzoi every day.

As well as heavily in the summer, Borzois shed continuously all year round and by keeping up with their brushing this will catch the loose hair in the brush before it ends up on your lovely black trousers.

Other than brushing and the occasional bathing when they get really muddy, their dirt-resistant coat does not require as much maintenance as you would expect does not need to be trimmed other than the paw pads every now and again to prevent trapped debris from causing toe ulcers.

For exercise, they require about an hour to an hour and a half every day with a nice big, secure garden to wander about in. If you live in a small apartment then a borzoi would not be the best breed for you because they could get restless with the lack of space.

How Much Does a Borzoi Cost?

Right! Let’s get down the nitty-gritty of the money that you will have to put aside for a Borzoi.

To begin with, you need to keep in mind that even though you can afford the upfront cost of a borzoi puppy, can you afford the ongoing costs that you have no choice but to pay? These costs include numerous things that come with owning any animal such as insurance, food, equipment, and dog sitters.

Initial Cost

How Much Do Borzois Cost?
Borzoi Family

In the USA, the average Borzoi puppy is from $2,000 to $5,000 and that is if you get the puppy from a reputable breeder who has a clean bill of health and certificates to prove it. Make sure you do plenty of research into breeders to ensure you are not supporting unethical dog breeding such as puppy mills.

If you choose to adopt an adult Borzoi, this will cost a lot less than buying a puppy and will cost you from $150 to $500. Adoption is a great thing to do and you will be changing the life of a dog that did not have a good start to life, it also makes it easier to know what kind of temperament the Borzoi will have as you do not have to wait for it to grow up from a puppy to find out.

National Borzoi Club supports adopting / rescuing puppies whenever possible.

Insurance and Vet Bills

Whether you buy a puppy or adopt a Borzoi, you will still have to pay insurance. It is not compulsory but is heavily recommended so that you are not caught off guard by extortionate vet bills that suck out all of your savings.

Even if you get a puppy or dog that has a perfect health history and has no genetic conditions, you are still not out of the woods as accidents can happen and if your Borzoi takes off after a rabbit and ends up on the road then you will want to be prepared for whatever surgery is needed to save their life. If you decide to get insurance, you can expect to pay between $20 to $60 a month.

Borzois are generally healthy dogs but there are a number of diseases that they can be prone to and most of them do not rear their ugly head until the dog is adult or elderly. Since they are very large dogs, they can be prone to orthopedic problems that may require a medical prescription or surgery depending on the severity.

Another condition that Borzois are prone to is bloat. This is not genetic but it is due to their deep chest that can cause them to gulp too much air as they eat or drink and thus causing bloat. Bloat might not sound serious, but it can be life-threatening but is easily prevented by feeding them small frequent meals throughout the day and not feeding them after vigorous exercise.

Basic Needs

How Much Do Borzois Cost?
Majestic pair of Borzoi

Other than the what ifs of vet bills, you will also have to pay for basic needs such as food. You should feed your dog good quality dog food that can either be dry, wet, or both, just as long as it does not contain ingredients that have no nutritional value and can even harm your dog such as BHT, BHA, propylene glycol, and ethoxyquin.

It may sound overwhelming, but it’s easy once you know what to look for and you can ask a pet store employee or do some research online to find the best dog food for your Borzoi. The average monthly cost of good quality dog food is about $20 to $60 a month.

Borzois love to lounge around the house and if you don’t want them on your couch, you can buy them a large dog bed that they can stretch out on. These can cost anywhere between $50 and $200 on average depending on the material and size of the bed.

Other dog products you need to buy is a good quality collar, lead or harness, and a coat if you want to protect your Borzoi from the elements but this is not essential as their natural coat will keep them warm. As well as this, it’s a good idea to get them some toys to play with and puzzle toys if you want to keep their brain stimulated.

Final Thoughts

Borzois make wonderful companions, but if you cannot afford to bring them into your life then you will have to hold off on getting one until you are in a better position to provide them with the care that they need.

They will be worth the wait and even though they are expensive to buy, especially as puppies as they are so rare and beautiful, they will pay you back in spades with charm, elegance, and lots of hair.

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