Tan Borzoi Standing at Edge of Field. Copyright NationalBorzoiClub

What Does a Borzoi Dog Look Like?

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Borzoi dog is in the sighthound family. Some may think of them as a long-haired, Greyhound-looking dog. Although they do have other differences, this description is mostly accurate!

The Borzoi body type is thin and long. Standing at 26-32 inches, they typically weigh 60-105 pounds. Borzoi are considered a giant dog breed.


They are deep-chested with slim waistlines and long, slender legs. This sprinter’s body helps them when chasing prey, sometimes at speeds over 40 miles per hour!

A thick double coat covers their entire body, making them much higher maintenance in the grooming department than short-haired sighthounds.

Small, triangular ears frame their face. Their eyes are round and their snouts are long and thin. Their noses are so long, in fact, that the there is a whole category of internet borzoi meme dedicated just to their noses.

borzoi walking in grass

While Borzoi dog are typically white with patches, they can be many colors including black, brindle, cream, tan, sable, gold, red, white, or a combination of these colors.

Let’s take a more detailed look at an award winning male Borzoi:

Borzoi Beautiful Look.  Borzoi with Long Hair and Majestic Pose
Borzoi Beautiful Look with Long Flowing Hair
Borzoi Brown and White Coat Colors
Borzoi Brown and White Coat Coloring
Borzoi Eyes Spaced Wide
Borzoi Eyes Widely Spaced and Alert
Borzoi Long Height - Sits Tall
Borzoi Long Height – Sits up Tall. Stands 26-32 inches
Borzoi Long-Haired
Borzoi Long Haired-Needs to be brushed frequently
Borzoi Narrow Chest
Borzoi Narrow Chest – Made for Speed
Borzoi Toes Hair
Borzoi Toes Hair
Borzoi Sharp Teeth
Borzoi Sharp Teeth
Borzoi Beautiful Shape - Long , Thin and Tall
Borzoi Beautiful Shape – Long and Thin
Borzoi Ears
Borzoi Ears are Floppy and hairy
Borzoi Graceful and Elegant
Borzoi Graceful and Elegant – Slim Long Dog with Beautiful Motion
Borzoi Long Snout
Borzoi Long Snout that is Narrow and pointy. Strong Jaw
Borzoi Long Tongue
Borzoi Long Haired-Needs to be brushed frequently
Borzoi Powerful Hind Legs
Borzoi Powerful Hind Legs – Can outrun a Wolf
Borzoi Breed Giant Size
Borzoi Breed Giant Size – Borzois are tall dogs
Borzoi Dense Flat Bones - Made for Speed
Borzoi Dense Flat Bones – Good For Speed
Borzoi Long Face
Borzoi Long Face
Borzoi Long Tail
Borzoi Long Tail
Borzoi Luxurious Double Coat
Borzoi Luxurious Double Coat – Warmth in cold winters
Borzoi Thick Feet
Borzoi Thick Feet – Fast Runner
Borzoi with Curly and Silky Hair
Borzoi Curly and Silky Hair – Soft and Fluffy

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