What Does a Borzoi Dog Look Like?

Borzoi dog is in the sighthound family. Some may think of them as a long-haired, Greyhound-looking dog. Although they do have other differences, this description is mostly accurate!

The Borzoi body type is thin and long. Standing at 26-32 inches, they typically weigh 60-105 pounds.


They are deep-chested with slim waistlines and long, slender legs. This sprinter’s body helps them when chasing prey, sometimes at speeds over 40 miles per hour!

A thick double coat covers their entire body, making them much higher maintenance in the grooming department than short-haired sighthounds.

Small, triangular ears frame their face. Their eyes are round and their snouts are long and thin.

borzoi walking in grass

While Borzoi dog are typically white with patches, they can be many colors including black, brindle, cream, tan, sable, gold, red, white, or a combination of these colors.

Let’s take a more detailed look at an award winning male Borzoi:

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