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Share the love of Borzoi! – We are an organization dedicated to all things Borzoi – from Borzoi Appearance to Borzoi Care, to Borzoi Breeds and Breeders.

If you are a current or prospective Borzoi parent, or if you are curious about the breed, we strive to be your primary source of information.

You will find articles on our site about what makes a Borzoi unique, what other dogs breeds are similar, and characteristics of typical mixed breeds.

National Borzoi Club maintain a comprehensive list of breeders in the USA and the UK.

If you already are a Borzoi parent, or are considering becoming one, then you will be interested in our articles all about raising a Borzoi puppy, how to care for dog as it matures, and what it is like to live with a Borzoi. We also have featured articles about Borzoi in popular culture.

We find the unique characteristics of the Borzoi endearing, charming, awe-inspiring, at times frustrating, and most of all loveable. We hope to share with you our enthusiasm this remarkable animal.

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Share the love of Borzoi!