Borzoi Great Dane Mix

Borzoi Great Dane Mix

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Do you know the best part of owning a giant breed dog? There’s more of them to love. And the Borzoi Great Dane mix is exactly that. A giant ball of loveable fun.

Created by crossing the two adorable breeds – Borzoi and Great Dane – both of these canines have amiable characteristics, but their personalities definitely differ. Borzois are universally recognized for being intellectual, obedient, and self-reliant, while Great Danes are known for being gentle, sweet, and very affectionate.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of these breeds, answer some FAQs, and take a look at other mixed dog breeds and how the Borzoi Great Dan mix differs.

Borzoi History

Borzoi Great Dane Mix
Borzoi Pair

The Borzoi is a Russian-bred sighthound with a high level of intelligence, for instance, this breed would track their prey visually rather than by scent as most other breeds do. Borzoi is a Russian term that means “swift,” which perfectly describes this agile dog. It’s a trait that allows them to chase, and pass, with great speed.

Typically nowadays, Borzois are generally used as house pets rather than to hunt, however, they still retain their excellent eyesight and ability to chase at great speed with incredible ease.

A Borzoi, like most hunting dogs, needs plenty of exercise and a large enough space to run around in. Other than Borzoi, this breed is also known by numerous other names such as Russian Wolfhound, Siberian Wolfhound, and Borzaya to name a few.

In the late 19th/early 20th century the Psovoi, as Borzois were known at the time, was incredibly cherished by the Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolaievich to the extent that they could not be purchased by anyone else. Instead, they could only be given to others as presents by the Duke himself.

He raised this breed at his estate and at the time the Russian aristocracy was extremely cautious when it came to breeding Borzoi. So much so, they would hold hunting trials to choose the perfect breeding stock, with intellect and speed being at the top of their demands.

In the years following the 1917 Russian Revolution, Borzoi were a lot less popular as they were regarded as relics of a deposed nobility. Their purpose (to kill wolves) could have been replaced with something more efficient and if it hadn’t been for a Soviet soldier named Constantin Esmont, the breed could have perished.

Esmont toured among the Cossacks at the time and compiled information and sketches of the various Borzoi he came across. His efforts helped to persuade the Soviet government that this breed was a vital asset to the hunters who supported the fur industry. From that point onward, their breeding was sanctioned and regulated and the Borzoi is now a popular dog breed in today’s society.

Great Dane History

Borzoi Great Dane Mix
Great Dane

The Great Dane is a popular breed of dog from Germany and is sometimes referred to as the German Mastiff. This breed is one of the largest breeds in the world and descends from hunting dogs known from the Middle Ages.

During the 16th Century, strong, long-legged canines from England were imported for nobility across Europe. Many of these dogs were descended from crossbreeds between English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds and they were known as Englische Docke, Englische Tocke, or Englischer Hund which translates to ‘English Dog’.

At princely courts, the dogs were utilized to hunt various animals such as bears, boars, and deer. The favorite dogs would wear beautiful collars and were often allowed to sleep in their masters’ bedrooms at night. They were also tasked with guarding the sleeping princes against any potential assassins.

The ‘English Dog’ was a catch dog that was employed after the other hunting hounds to seize the bear or boar and hold it in place until the huntsman could kill it. When weapons were introduced to hunts, the customs changed and many of the dog breeds used in these hunts vanished. From this point on, the ‘English Dog’ was only kept as a hobby or a luxury dog.

In 1878, a committee in Berlin decided to alter the name of the ‘English Dog’ to ‘German Mastiff’ as it informed people from where the breed was developed. In the 19th Century, some German breeders tried to introduce the name ‘German Mastiff’ on the English market to market the breed as a dog of luxury instead of a working dog. Due to evergrowing tensions between Germany and many other countries, the breed later became referred to as the ‘Great Dane’.

Borzoi Great Dane Statistics

As you can see, these two breeds are very similar with just a small difference in their height and weight:


  • Height: 26-30 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 70 – 100lb
  • Lifespan: 7-10 years

Great Dane

  • Height: 28-34 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 100-200lb
  • Lifespan: 7-10 years

Borzoi Great Dane Mix Personality

This breed is considered to be a little feisty and incredibly curious so you can expect them to get involved in everything you do. They also enjoy interacting with other dog breeds and love a good run around the park to use up their energy.

Due to their curious nature, they need to be trained and thankfully as they are quite intelligent, they’re pretty quick at picking up and following instructions. Fun and playful with a big personality, this breed is a great companion to anyone lucky enough to be their owner.


What are the Grooming Requirements for this Breed?

This breed can suffer from dry skin if bathed too much, so only wash them when needed. They’re also heavy shedders so you can expect your floors, furniture, and clothes to be coated in a layer of their fur. Get your hoover and duster at the ready!

Exercise-wise, What does this Breed Need?

With very high energy levels, you’ll need to take this breed on extremely long walks. Lots of playtime is also super important and you’ll need to tire your dog out both physically and mentally if you want some downtime. Try giving them puzzle-treat toys to tire them out mentally and to help focus their attention on one thing.

If they don’t have enough exercise you may find that your dog can become quite destructive, so always make sure you can provide them with the right amount of playtime to keep them happy.

What are the Best Ways to Train this Breed?

This breed is incredibly intelligent but due to their playful nature, training them can be a little tricky. As their owner, you’ll need to be firm and disciplined with your training regime. Shorter daily sessions work well with this breed and help to keep their attention span higher.

Most dogs respond well to positive reinforcement so praising your dog and rewarding them with treats when they have followed orders correctly is the perfect way to show them how to behave. Socialization is also super important to all dogs, so taking them to the park and allowing them to interact with other dogs is a great way to practice your commands and see what you may need to work on.

Final Thoughts

Borzoi Great Dane mixes are large, playful, and energetic dogs, that are perfect if you live a rather energetic lifestyle. Both of these parent breeds are steeped in a rich history, making this a truly fascinating mixed breed.

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